1250 Wrongs make a Right

Funny how wrongs worth $1 can add up to a donation large enough to purchase a much needed piece of equipment for the Children’s Hospital at Westmead.

The facts are that when a lawn bowler at Blacktown City Bowling Club accidentally sends down what is known as a ‘wrong bias’ (a bowl that goes in the opposite direction intended), the bowler is ‘fined’ $1.

Knowing that each $1 will be used for a charitable purpose, bowlers happily contribute to the wrong bias donation.

During 2018, the Club collected $1,250. Choosing the Westmead Children’s Hospital as the recipient of the donation, a list of much needed equipment was requested and the decision was made to purchase a portable Ophthalmoscope at a cost of $1,500. This device is similar to a medium size flashlight that shines light into the back of a child’s eyes and highlights any problem that may exist.

The additional $250 was added from the Men’s Bowling Club funds to enable the purchase and the donation was presented to the hospital (see photo).

The bowlers at Blacktown City issue a challenge to other bowling clubs and sporting clubs to use similar systems to support the purchase of much needed equipment for the Children’s Hospital at Westmead.

Gary Nathan – President – Blacktown City Bowling Club